Dublin Castle
Wed 12 June
Tiptoe Apollo
(Double Set)
Cantered Soul
Dublin Castle
Fri 14 June
Frenchy & the Punk
Beyond Victoria
Flesh Tetris
The Head Hunters
Bugbear elsewhere 1
Sat 15 June
Dublin Castle
Sat 15 June
The Cazales
Space Chickens (daytime, finishing 5pm)
Dublin Castle
Sun 16 June
C'Mon Feel The Noize...

The Dublin Castle
Friday 14th Feb
SLADY’s Valentine Party
SLADY/Tuppeny Bunters/Alex And The Wonderland
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The lovely and not a little loquacious Lulu looky likey Danie Cox arrived at Boogaloo Radio looking suitably glam, donned her Gobby Holder mantle and chatted SLADY! That’s the fantastic all female Slade concept band who have been wowing em since last year, and now look set to take on the world at large in 2020. Yes, The Whole World’s Going Crazee Crazee Crazzee for Slady in 2020. Click on the SLADY pic to hear this show. Gobby picks her Sladest Top 3 and other glam rock gems, which was handy, as the other guest here is the wonderful Mr Mark Stratford, head honcho of glorious ’60s/’70s revival label RPM Records. Bespoke CD re-issuues of all manner of hip and happening sounds has been his thirty year mission, so we have a very fine back catalogue to luxuriate in. SLADY on Valentines Night in the Dublin Castle is a not to be missed crazee luv’d up skweeze me pleeze me fest to delight all fans of top drawer ’70s glam and classy Brit Rock. A celebration of one of the greatest bands of all time. A glam rock party for singles and long players alike. Gobby – Singer/Guitarist, Jem Lea – Bass, Donna Powell – Drummer, Davina Hill – Lead Guitar/Singer… And the first 10 people will receive a SLADY Valentines Gift Set that will really make your night Bangin’ Man… With Tuppeny Bunters, Alex and the Wonderland and DJs We Got Killers keeping the glam slam party going til 2am. Triffic.

The Dublin Castle
Saturday 15th Feb
Flesh Tetris/Bite Me/Abnormalik/
MC Big Grey/Live Artist Rose Riot/Get Cheap Tickets Here

You also get an exclusive play of a track from the new Flesh Tetris E.P in the Boogaloo Radio show featured here. Flesh Tetris, the singular and superb space punk supremos launch said E.P tonite, and share with you a little bit of a freak show too. Scifi murder cult bunny lovers they may be, an arousing blend of crazed vocalese, brain burrowing bleeps, drum onslaught and bass led murderization to be sure. A must see band. With Bite Me, the superb all female punk n roll combo for fans of The Runaways and Bikini Kill. Explosive punk rock. Also tonight monster mime artist Abnormalik, master of ceremonies Big Grey, and live Artist Rose Riot, who is both a dominatrix and a pro-motion wrestler too! All sorts going down tonight, you can even make your own candy floss!