Dublin Castle
Sun 26 May
Okk Vlt Katt
Dublin Castle
Tue 28 May
Around 7
Fighting Colours
Next to Nada
DJ Sammy Starr
Dublin Castle
Thu 30 May
The Prods
Das Kapitans
Coup De Tete
(Socks On Records Nite)
Dublin Castle
Fri 31 May
Rubella Ballet
Damage UK
DJs We Got Killers
Dublin Castle
Sat 1 June
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The Dublin Castle is renowned as both the birthplace of Britpop and the ancestral seat of Madness and has long been an essential launch pad for all movers and shakers out there in the known pop universe. A proper pub with a proper pub ambience, the Dublin has a kick ass PA, real dancefloor and an unlimited amount of undefinable sass factor – as comedian Phil Jupitus put it recently when performing there ‘This room is full of mojo’. It really is. Whether you put it down to the history or natural pheremones, it’s the number one venue in Camden Town. The Dublin Castle played an integral part in the early careers of acts such as Muse, The Libertines, Coldplay, Arctic Monkeys and The Killers. The appreciation of that aforementioned mojo has resulted in established acts from Blur to Mike Skinner to Lloyd Cole selecting it as their must play place for an intimate fan club oriented show, and Camden heroine and sorely missed occasional Dublin Castle barmaid Amy Winehouse infamously performed one of her most revered shows with us. For drinking, disco dancing or wigging out to the best new live acts it’s a must visit location. 

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