The Clash Vs Stiff Little Fingers
Punky Reggae Party
Six Little Fingers
DJs We Got Killers
Dublin Castle
Sat 13 July
Attila the Stockbroker Presents
Newtown Neurotics
Mark Thomas
Dublin Castle
Sun 14 July
Lucida Presents Electroniq
Legpuppy 2.0
An Ting & Ian Gallagher
Dublin Castle
Thu 18 July
The Satellites
London Sewage Company
16 Guns
Profile 21
Dublin Castle
Fri 19 July
Toot ā€˜Nā€™ Skamen
Jack The Lad
Bootboy Radio DJs
Dublin Castle
Sat 20 July
ATV Equals Two Points In Time : Friday 29th and Sat 30th Nov....

Friday 29th / Saturday 30th Nov
Alternative TV / Fourth Dimension Weekender
The Dublin Castle
Get Tickets Here

Alternative TV spearhead a two day event with artists from the remarkable Fourth Dimension Records pool of left field talent. On Friday 29th Alternative TV will perform newer material and perhaps a more experimental set with support from Gad Whip, Kleistwahr and Contrastate plus DJ William Bennett (Whitehouse).
On Saturday 30th Nov Alternative TV play the classic debut album ‘The Image Has Cracked’ in it’s entirety and are prefaced by Map 71, JFK, Fourth Dimension head honcho Richo Johnson’s own band Fractured and once again DJ William Bennett.

“No Rock N Roll! No Bullet Belts!!” Thus spake Mark Perry on the eve of the first Alternative TV shows in London for some time. Mark P was always at the very vanguard of punk’s first wave. Always iconoclastic, always kicking against the fashion pricks, the fascist dicks, the fatuous schtick tied to the Pistols and The Clash. Having pretty much invented UK punk fanzine culture alongside Royal ape watcher Danny Baker, Mark P set out his stall with the band Alternative TV. Always an alternative to the prevailing trends, as evinced by the pithy punk pop acid wit of their early singles, the post punk defining debut and ensuing ‘challenging’ records like ‘Vibing Up The Senile Man’. Bugbear talked to Mark on Boogaloo Radio ahead of the ATV Weekender in The Dublin Castle, wherein the classic ‘The Image Has Cracked’ will be performed in it’s entirety. CLICK ON THE IMAGE AND CRACK ON… With music from the likes of Johnny Moped, Starsha Lee, The Vibrators and wowsers even Madonna…and the very wonderful Rachel Darq joins us here too, with news of Grrrlesque Brrrlesque. That’s Friday 13th December in The Dublin Castle. Get Cheap Tickets Here… Expect strong women doing their thing, nipple tassles afire and fierce female punk rock cum burlesque show that will tear Father Xmas a new one!

Check out the latest ‘Saturday Sync’ outta Soho Radio wherein Tony Bugbear and Mighty Mike Spenser get onto the sweet, sweet sounds of synchronization with a ‘Cats and Dogs’ theme. Loads to enjoy. Bangers outta films and TV with a feline cum canine connection, ya get me, and featuring music by the likes of Elvis, Grace Jones, The Electric Banana, Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons, Johnny Moped, Adam and the Ants, The Stooges, Gene Vincent and Shelley Manne. Supercool.. Click upon it.