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The Sunday Sync (27/09/2015) by Soho Radio on Mixcloud

Ahead of this Friday’s Dublin Castle happening starring rock writer cum barricade hopping fully fledged low slung rocknroll star David Sinclair, Bugbear got together with David LIVE on Reel Rebels Radio on the internationally tolerated, award shunning Dead On 4 programme, sharing some choice choons and discussing the ins and outs of popular music scribing in a compare and contrast stylee vis a vis the joys of top pop performance….David knows his rocknroll onions, having written acres of cool copy for The Times, and other publications such as Q, Billboard and Rolling Stone, not to mention definitive tomes on the likes of ZZ Top and (gulp!) The Spice Girls… tune in right about here and then attend this here show also with the marvellous post punkered psych folk fiesta that is A Body Of People, John Carpenter music stylists The Carpenters and the very perky indeed Young Astronaut……All heard here alongside a banquet of other audio marvels…

Friday 25th September/The Dublin Castle David Sinclair 4 + A Body Of People + The Carpenters + Young Astronaut

David Sinclair Four- Romantic post new wave rocknroll with country touches- think The Only Ones circa Baby’s Got A Gun…or perhaps Green On Red…so a very fab place to be…Mr Sinclair and ace band’s new album ‘4’ is out now on Critical Discs/IRL A Body Of People- Our fave post punk/folk/psych melange, recently having birthed their all killer no filler ‘Amassed’ long player Brother Simon and co will be giving a proper PROPER showbiz rocknroll show tonite and perhaps presenting a few choice newbies…for fans of The Stranglers, Pil and Alex Harvey… The Carpenters- no, you did read that right, but Karen ain’t come back from beyond…this is a living breathing tribute to the wonderful music of John Carpenter the film auteur/composer par excellence… Assault On Precint 13, Hallowe’en, Dark Star, The Fog and so many more….excellent!! Young Astronaut- emoting bright eyed pop fare taking the post Snow Patrol/Coldplay template and giving it a good old shove into deeper, dreamier territory via some ace tropicalia tinged guitar and a street tood perkiness.

Excellent film here showing the making of America, Here’s My Boy by David Sinclair and band from Beck’s original sheet music…..