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Good Deeds And Dirty Rags And Other Rattling Good Songs...

Dingwalls, Camden Lock
Friday 8th November
Goodbye Mr MacKenzie
With The Cesarians
And Seil Lien
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Goodbye MrMacKenzie will be playing their first London live show in over 25 years on Bugbear’s watch at Dingwalls Friday 8th November. The newest installment of ‘Tales Of The Toilet Circuit’ is embedded behind the Seil Lien image above, a wonderful talent you will also find playing Dingwalls as support and contributing amazing vocals to Goodbye Mr MacKenzie that same evening.

As ‘The List’ said in their 50 Greatest Scottish Bands review: “The MacKenzies left behind the most complex and fascinating footprint of any Scottish Band. Live they were- make that ARE- stunning. Lead singer Martin Metcalfe looked like the MC of a particularly debauched cabaret troupe. While their Scottish counterparts were looking at soul and Steely Dan for inspiration the MacKenzies were taking theirs from the Pixies and the Birthday Party.”

Live shows in The North have been blowing them away and then some, and now with the very welcome addition of Big John Duncan back to the frontline. Big John is giving his M.E a thorough kicking by returning to the stage and reconnecting with the healing powers of rock and roll. A beautiful thing.

PLUS…The Cesarians always have as much a cerebral aspect to their remarkable outsider chanson as an intensely emotional one … intensity, songcraft, passion and raw emotions. Something dark, beautiful and inordinately powerful comes your way. Nobody else does what they do, although there maybe some artful goodness to chew on for fans of Nick Cave, Jacques Bel, Scott Walker, even Kris Kristofferson and of late since the addition of more keys edgy electronica artists like Goldfrapp. Perfect support for tonight’s main event, as is…

Seil Lien-“You could argue that she is one of Scotland’s best-kept secrets… It’s down and dirty swamp rock that’s a little bit Bad Seeds, a little bit White Stripes, and should be on a David Lynch movie soundtrack” (Scots Whay Hae!) “Sublime debut” (Planet Rock)
Absolutely correct.. Bugbear meet Scottish singer Marie Claire White AKA The Voice of Seil Lien, who may be heard performing live in the Boogaloo Radio studio with startling results care of her amazing siren blues holler if you click on that pic at the header of this page as advised…

Said show also features guest Mr Paul Tipler, London based, Lancs bred, recording engineer, producer and mix specialist who established his name as an engineer with acts like Squeeze and Julian Cope, going on to produce records himself (Pop Will Eat Itself/Dr Feelgood/80s Matchbox B-Line Disaster/Earl Brutus/Idlewild etc). A long term relationship with Stereolab blossomed alongside acts like Mojave 3, The Wonderstuff and world fusion artists like Transglobal Underground. Tips has equipped his studio (Unit 13 Studios) with the best analogue and digital equipment and continues to work with long term friends and artists whilst guiding the new breed of bands in London today. Tony Bugbear welcomes Paul ‘If you can’t whistle it, piss off’ Tipler along to Boogaloo Radio and we check out some talent old and new featuring his magic sonic touch.

More jaunty and jaundiced radio on Bugbear’s watch below…live and direct from The Trash Can, in the light of the movie of the moment ‘Joker’ Mighty Mike Spenser and Tony Bugbear explore the theme of ‘Clowns And Jokers’ for The Saturday Sync…marvelous music outta films and TV natch and a featured album too, The Electric Banana De Wolfe Sessions…click on Joaquim… enjoy…