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Cycledelic SEX And Ripped And Torn Rock And Roll...

Sat 7 December
The Water Rats, Kings X
Johnny Moped/The Widows/Jordan : Defying Gravity/Tony Drayton : Ripped And Torn
(RNR Book Club Xtra XRated)
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The return of Johnny Moped has been one of the least expected but most rewarding surprises of this daft and dark era of Trumping Johnsons. Still playing kickass British Standard rock and roll with the joyous insouciance of Johnny to the fore, the new beefed up Mopeds are still incendiary. With the reassuring moustachio’d presence of one Slimy Toad, still upfront on lead guitar and the figurehead looking lean and keen, there’s never been a better time to get on a Moped tom cats. Bugbear are very pleased to bring Johnny Moped to The Water Rats this evening, ‘Cyceldelic’ being an essential touchstone of avant punk fun for all us confused, bruised and barely used young punks back in 1978.

“Johnny Moped had all three ingredients necessary for maximum rock ‘n’ roll: amateurism, mayhem and humour… Essential punk rock!” – Billy Childish.

Also tonite, The Widows. Gear and groovy garage punk with abrasive guitars, prowling bass and an unhinged vocal, there’s a Fall inspired Rockabilly vibe at times but also recalls Dead Kenennedys and Fat White Family.

And note well, you need to arrive nice and early this evening (7pm) for some X Rated Rock N Roll Book Club Extra. Tony Bugbear, in ill fitting rubber pants, will be joined by two punk era taste makers, the undisputed Queen Of The Ants and SEX symbol supreme, Jordan Mooney and fanzine father and early doors punk rock enabler, Tony Drayton. Jordan’s excellent memoir ‘Defying Gravity’ and Tony D’s ace compendium ‘Ripped and Torn: 1976 – 79 The Loudest Punk Fanzine in the UK’ will be our literary guiding lights for a pictorially enhanced discussion dishing the dirt on everyone from Malcolm McClaren to Madonna. So be prepared for some tales of deviant delight from the vanguard of what we now know as ‘punk’. Get a signed copy of both books for your various Christmas stockings… An excellent evening in store, augmented by a beautiful bespoke punk rock DJ set by Julie Hamill.

This fabulous image is of burlesque madame supreme Rachel Darq, who alongside Mark Perry of Alternative TV/Sniffin’ Glue is Bugbear’s guest on the most recent edition of ‘Tales Of The Toilet Circuit’ out of Boogaloo Radio. Click upon it for erudtion and ace tunes. Music from the likes of Johnny Moped, Starsha Lee, The Vibrators and wowsers even Madonna, with news of Grrrlesque Brrrlesque. That’s Friday 13th December in The Dublin Castle. Get Cheap Tickets Here… Expect strong women doing their thing, nipple tassles afire and fierce female punk rock cum burlesque show that will tear Father Xmas a new one!